What is Print On-Demand?

The print on-demand business model is a print and fulfillment method where your storefront works with a third-party supplier to print and ship out your order. This business model allows people to sell t-shirts with a low-financial risk and without having to manage inventory. Print on-demand is a wonderful way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get started with their t-shirt business.

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Your customer places an order from your online store.

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The order is automatically sent to Air Waves.

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We print your customer's order.

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We ship the order directly to your customer.


You only pay for products that sell. You also set the margins, so you're in control of your profit. All of this allows you to have more money for any marketing efforts you want to try out. This also makes pursuing your dreams a lot less scary without having a financial burden in the back of your mind (and bank account).

Easy to start

There are a million things you need to do to start your business using the standard retail model. With print on demand, all you need to worry about are what products you want to sell and how much you want to sell them for. You can run your business on your own even while having a separate full-time job!

Low Overhead

Since you won't need to purchase or manage inventory, your overhead expenses will be very low. You probably already have what you need for starting your business right now! There are also hundreds of apps on Shopify to help support and grow your business that are free and low-cost.

Work from Anywhere

The majority of stores that use a print on-demand business model, are home-based. Since you don't need a warehouse, you can run your business from anywhere with an internet connection! Go ahead and book that 2-week beach vacation!

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