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How To Use The Product Creator

Creating products in the product customizer is simple. In fact, it takes less than two minutes to create a product! Below, you will learn how the Air Waves OnDemand product creator works.

How the Product Creator Works

  1. Start on your dashboard and select “Product Creator”
  2. Choose the blank product you would like use
  3. Upload your design and adjust the size and placement on the garment
  4. Set your customer price based on what we charge you for the item and the profit you would like to make
  5. Publish your product!

Once you have published your product, you will be able to edit the description as well as adjust sizing and pricing details if needed. You can also add additional photos to your product listing before going live on your site.

Air Waves OnDemand makes selling products on your store easy. Get up and running with your creative ideas today!