How To Correctly Place Your Design On A Garment

The placement of your design on a t-shirt mockup is important to get right. Not only will your product look better, but your customer will receive their order the way you intended.

This guide will help you avoid common visual merchandising mistakes and ensure your final printed product is exactly the way you…and your customer, expect.

The most common mistake we see is placing the design too low on the shirt. This results in a very unflattering and awkward “belly design” look. It is so important to make sure your design is placed on the chest and not the belly.

belly t-shirt design
How to Tell if You Have Your Design Placed Correctly

Depending on the design, you’ll want to position its top about 2 inches below the collar of the shirt, making sure it is on the chest area of the shirt.

Sometimes the size of your design plays into this look. A simple solution is to make the design smaller.

Another issue is the overall placement of your design. You may need to adjust the placement of your text or art to make it better. If your design is more horizontal in nature, you may need to slide it down a bit to center it in the chest area.

As with most rules, there are exceptions. There are some full-print designs that will extend the entire length of the print area. Maternity shirts tend to have a design on the belly. For these instances, it’s ok to place the designs similarly to the examples below.

Here are more examples of correctly placed designs vs. incorrectly placed designs.

back image front design