How do I pay for the product I’m selling?

Once a customer places an order on your store, you receive the full payment from your customer through Shopify’s payment gateway (or whatever payment gateway you’re using for your online store). This payment is separate from the Air Waves OnDemand App.

The order will be marked as paid in your Shopify account with an “Unfulfilled” status.

At 12:00pm (noon) Eastern Standard Time we will process all orders from the previous 24hrs, and bill you for the total cost of the garment(s), printing and shipping. This is the price listed in the Air Waves OnDemand app when you initially create the product. You can also see the COGS in each product in Shopify’s “Cost” field.

Payments are processed using Stripe’s secure payments API. We’ll charge the payment method you have on file with us when you created your account within the app.

You can view any payment failures in your Air Waves OnDemand Dashboard. If your payment to Air Waves fails, you are responsible for contacting us. Your order will not be processed until payment is successful.