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Based in Columbus, OH, Air Waves is a market leader in on-demand apparel printing. We design, merchandise, market, print and fulfill apparel orders to mitigate your inventory risk and maximize revenue. With the streamlined Air Waves process, all it takes is design, print, deliver, and profit.

With over 40 years of experience in the apparel printing industry, we have honed in on key areas of need for our customers. Through streamlining our service offerings to these areas, we are able to minimize our clients’ investment risk while maximizing profit margins through the latest designs, cutting-edge technology and inclusive sizing.


Our revolutionary approach to the apparel printing business is nothing short of a game changer for our clients.


We are centrally located in Columbus, OH and have over thirty years of experience in the apparel industry.


Using technology and innovation to lead the way, we have successfully transformed the long-time craft of apparel printing into an efficient, technology-driven machine.

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